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Videos & Sales/Mktg Materials

Just a few short years ago, Corporate Videos were primarily created for in-house Sales and Training purposes, customer instruction, or to be looped and played endlessly on a remote TV monitor in a trade show booth.

This is no longer the case.

Recent Marketing research has clearly shown than company websites utilizing video into their online presentations experience a substantially higher number of repeated customer visits with increasingly longer stays on their web pages- all of which can add up to increased Revenue!

Our video production experience includes literally hundreds of television programs including Sports, Entertainment, Music Videos, Home Shopping, Commercials, etc., as well as multitudes
of Industrial sales, training and promotional presentations in fields as diverse as Healthcare, Broadcasting, Manufacturing, Construction, Automotive, Real Estate, Hospitality and more.

Our Print experience is Agency based, having created and produced Promotional and Marketing slicks, pamphlets, folders, hand-outs, etc., for multi-million dollar corporations as well as mid-size and small businesses throughout the country.

Let us put our 20+ years of Media experience to work for your company by allowing us to deliver for you a Video or Print project that is Professional, Effective and well within your Budget!

Email us at: Marketing@DuckRiverPress.com
Or call us at (615) 618-0562